Lanier Volleyball Club presents Lanier Academy!! 

Lanier Academy’s focus is on providing the additional training and advancement opportunities our athletes crave! 

5 separate training opportunities to set your athlete on the path to becoming a GREAT volleyball player: Prep, Skills Clinics, Open Gyms, 4 on 1, and Private Lessons.  Read more about each offering below and REGISTER TODAY!!!

Improve Your Volleyball Skills with Lanier Academy

Academy Prep

Regular training opportunities. Athletes train in groups with a variety of rotational coaches.

Prepare for the Future

Instruction that builds upon itself during a 3.5 month season. Each week includes training & game play opportunities.
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Academy Prep 2021-22

Registration Opens 10/16
$ 500 Season
  • 14 Sessions Dec-Mar
  • Limited to 24 Athletes
  • Prepare for your Volleyball Future

Skills Clinics

Address specific skill deficits & Advance your individual level of play​

Advance Individual Skills

Learn from our Master Coaches in each skill set with focused instruction.
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Upcoming Skills Clinics

Registration Open!
$ 25
  • Serve & Receive Clinics
  • Attacking Clinics
  • Defensive Clinics
  • Setting Clinics

Open Gyms

Meet our coaching staff & get additional touches on the ball

Enjoy the Game

Game play scenarios with minimal instruction. Typically in Fast Fours or 6 v 6 formats. Come meet & join our volleyball FAMILY!!
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Upcoming Open Gyms

Registration Open!
$ 10
Open Gym
  • Fast Paced Game Play
  • Awesome Lanier FAMILY
  • Club Coaching Staff

4 on 1

Further the development of volleyball IQ & all-around skill abilities

Develop with Play

Work with friends in small sided scenarios to improve your IQ, vision, shot making & all around skill sets.
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Available as Requested

Contact Us to Set Up
$ 25
Athlete ($100.00 Total)
  • Work with a group of friends
  • OR contact us for "free agency" list
  • Maximize touches in a small group

Private Lessons

Address individual concerns & skill development

Private Lessons

Work 1 on 1 (max group of 2) with a coach to address your individual concerns and goals
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Available as Requested

Contact Us to Set Up
$ 55
Hour for 1 Athlete ($80/Hour for 2)
  • Individual Skills
  • 1 on 1 Attention
  • Work towards personal goals