Youth Program FAQs


Our Youth Porgrams are recreational in nature and are run by Lanier Volleyball Club in conjunction with local Parks & Rec departments and Hall County School system.  Focus is on instruction and development of the fundamentals of volleyball: passing, setting, blocking, hitting, serving, and defense, as well as team concepts through instruction and game play.


Commonly Asked Questions and Information

What Youth Programs Do You Offer?

Little League & Middle School League

What Agest Do These Programs Serve?

K-8th Grade

L3 (Lanier Little League) serves K-5th Grade Girls & Boys while Middle School Volleyball League serves 6th-8th Grade Girls & Boys.

Are There Tryouts?

All athletes are placed on a team

We do typically hold athlete evaluations to assess and group skill levels. Little League Teams are made as evenly as possible. Middle School Teams are made into A, B, C teams, etc.

What is the Cost? What do Costs Cover?


Cost vary by season and program. Items received vary by program as well but typically include a jersey and/or t-shirt. For current cost specifics for each program, please visit our Lanier Little League and Middle School Volleyball League pages or contact us.

How Long Are The Seasons?

5 - 10 Weeks

Little League Seasons typically run 5-7 weeks in the Fall & Spring. Middle School Seasons run 7-10 weeks in the Fall and 4-6 weeks in the Spring.

How Do Youth Programs Handle Playing Time?

Equal Practice Time, Equal Playing Time

Every Youth Program athlete receives equal and ample opportunity to learn, grow and in practice and match settings. Learning FUNdamentals, basic movement patters, increasing volleyball IQ and fostering a love for the sport of volleyball are our priority for these programs.

Where are Practices?

Various Locations

Youth Programs mainly utilize Westminster Church & Lakewood Baptist Gym Facilities. The Middle Volleyball League occasionally also is granted use of the School gyms.