Lanier Volleyball Fundraisers

Lanier Volleyball Club is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  Donations & portions of most fundraisers are eligible for tax deductions.

Honey Baked Ham - Gift Cards

When: 11/14/23-12/23/23

What: Sell Honey Baked Ham gift cards! 

Earn: 20% of the value of the gift cards sold. 


  1. Give out the link to purchase Honey Baked Ham Gift Cards –
  2. Individuals/Corporations purchasing Gift Cards should indicate the name of the athlete they are supporting.
  3. E-Gift cards are will be delivered via email.  Honey Baked Ham gives the option of a mailed physical card at time of check out.

Other Items: Use this flyer to promote if you wish.  Be sure to give out the link as well.

Banner Advertisement

When: Ongoing 

What: Sell a 3’ x 4’ Banner with a company logo that hangs in our Westminster Gym, Gainesville location for $250.  Company logo will also be placed on the Lanier Volleyball Club website.

Earn: $125 towards your player fees for each banner sold 

How: Give out this link to the company to purchase the banner & participating in this fundraiser!

Other Items: in a year, our Westminster Gym location averages foot traffic of over 2500 people throughout the year.  Our website gathers over 35,000 views per year. $75 of the $250 goes towards Lanier’s Scholarship Fund and is tax-deductible to the company.

Coming Soon!! Raffle Baskets

Details: TBA

Are you interested in making a tax-deductable donation to Lanier Volleyball Club?

For more information or if you have questions, email Bill Bush at