Lanier Little League (L3)

Lanier Little League (L3) is a recreational volleyball program run by Lanier Volleyball Club in conjunction with local parks and recreational departments. Focus is on instruction and development of the fundamentals of volleyball: passing, setting, blocking, hitting, serving, and defense, as well as team concepts through instruction and game play. Players are grouped by age where they will train and play with and among their same/similar age peers. L3 athletes practice once a week and also play in-house matches once per week.

Lanier Little League (L3) serves boys and girls in Grades K-5

Program Philosophy

All programs within Lanier Volleyball Club are run in accordance to our mission to provide athletes in the North Georgia area with the highest level of technical, tactical and physical training available. The model used for the L3 program is a cutting edge program created around well researched motor learning principles and player development/advancement science. This model allows for less time waiting in line, more touches on the ball, faster player development and higher skill retention rates.

Spring 2020 Program

This program has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We hope to resume Youth Programing in Fall 2020.

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Basic Information

Practices: 1 Day/Week (1 hour duration)

Matches: Saturdays (1-2 hours duration)

Athletes are drafted onto teams grouped by grade after an initial player evaluation. Lanier’s goal is to seek to create even teams to promote athlete skill growth and allow great competition on Match Days. All athletes are placed on a team.

Typical Team Grade Divisions

  • K-1st
  • 2nd-3rd
  • 4th-5th

At Practice

  • Frequent use of small sided games (1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3), not lines, teaching athletes the game
  • Time spent with both your athlete’s team coach and multiple professional coaches with your athlete’s team

At Matches

  • 6 v 6 match play with your child’s team
  • Season ending tournament