Make-Up Tryouts

Can't Attend Scheduled Tryouts?

Please follow the options below to be considered for a 2024-25 Lanier Club Team.

*Note, it is ALWAYS better to attend Tryouts in person whenever possible.

Preferred Option #1

Attend Train for Tryouts

1. Register for Train for Tryouts

2. Register for Tryouts

3. Ensure you have an SRVA Tryout Membership

4. Email us at to inform us that your athlete will not be in attendance at tryouts.

*Note, offers will NOT be made at Train for Tryouts.

Option #2

Submit Recent Game Film

1. Register for Tryouts

2. Email us letting us know that your athlete will not be in attendance at tryouts AND include recent game film via YouTube link or similar at  Please do not send video files.

*This film must be submitted prior to scheduled Tryouts to be considered for initial invitations on the scheduled Tryout date.

Option #3

Attend Make-Up Tryouts

1. Register for Tryouts

2. Ensure you have an SRVA Tryout Membership

3. Email us at to inform us that your athlete will not be in attendance at tryouts and will not be sending film.

4. Plan to attend Make-Up Tryouts on Thursday, July 18th.  Times TBA.

*Please note, initial team invitations will be made on the day of scheduled Tryouts.  Athletes who cannot participate in options 1 or 2, but are able to participate in option 3 will be used to fill vacancies on teams on a case by case basis.

What if I'm looking for a team after 7/18/24?

Please email us at  We will still consider filling any vacancies on a case by case & team by team basis.

Other Important Tryout Links

Information includes the tryout process, our club philosophy, tentative tournament schedule, cost, coaching roster, fundraising, etc

Find information on Regularly Schedule Tryouts, SRVA Memberships, Medical Release Forms and more.

Our Train for Tryout Events serve to prepare players for tryouts and the upcoming club season.  They are designed so that the players get to become familiar with the expectations and drills used in tryouts, meet and play under coaches and meet potential teammates.  Don’t miss out on your change to come into tryouts competitive, confident, comfortable and prepared!

Thank you for considering attending club tryouts for our 2024-25 Season at Lanier.  We are very excited about the upcoming club season!  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

To view the full policy, use the link above.


  • 2024-25 Club Tryouts for girls teams may take place any day on or after 7/11/24.  
  • There is no longer a required window of protection/acceptance for Athletes & offers from clubs.  Clubs may revoke offers on a timeline they deem appropriate.
  • 2024-25 Club Season USA Volleyball regular season memberships & club commitments through SportsEngine can begin on or after 9/1/24.  Once an Athlete or their Guardian has accepted a club invitation in SportsEngine that acceptance will be binding for the entirety of the club season.  
  • Clubs may ask for financial and contractually binding commitments prior to 9/1/24.   The Southern Region will not be responsible for enforcing private agreements. Contracts between a club and family are independent of any region obligations and policies.