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Our club teams, led by an elite level coaching staff, are competitive travel teams. Teams train 2-3 times a week on a 5-6 month schedule. Members of these teams are selected by a try-out process and receive high-quality practices/ instruction as well as competitive play at tournaments both locally, regionally and nationally.


Commonly Asked Questions and Information

What Age Groups Do You Offer?


Club Volleyball Programs around the nation start as early as 10U (9-10 year olds) and goes through 18U (high school seniors). We often have 10-11 year olds participate on our 12U teams! Lanier’s Club Program has a much more extensive season and higher level of competition than our Youth Programs.

Why Should My Athlete Play Club Volleyball?

It is our firm belief that enrolling your daughter in our club will give her the edge she needs to succeed in volleyball in the future. Participation in club volleyball gives athletes another 100-200 hours of practice, tournament and physical training time each year. During such a time period many players, especially young players, see significant growth. Further, club volleyball gives its athletes opportunities to learn lessons that extend far beyond the court. Players are given opportunities to meet, learn to cooperate with and make new friends. See more details below:

Lanier’s Club Volleyball Program offers many advantages to athletes and, while each athlete’s club volleyball experience may differ, participation can provide multiple opportunities:

  • Improve technical, tactical and physical skills through an intensive 5-6 month season outside of the athlete’s school team
  • Compete at a higher level of volleyball – to push the athlete to reach their individual peak potential
  • Gain exposure (at elite levels) to college coaches and programs – It should be noted that many players and their families choose to participate in club volleyball simply for this reason. However, while playing on a club volleyball team is essential to being recruited, it neither guarantees that it will happen, nor is it enough on its own.
  • Meet new friends and play with athletes whose goals are similar to their own – be a part of a true Family Culture
  • Gain intangible rewards such as improved mental and emotional maturity and valuable character traits
  • Participation in the sport she LOVES at the elite level

How Long is the Season?

5-6 months for most teams. Most of our teams compete and practice on a regional schedule culminating in the Regional Championship Tournament in late April. Some of our more elite teams may compete on a semi-national schedule and may play through Nationals in late June. Teams are made aware up front how long their schedule will go.

When does the Season Start?

October & November

For 14U & younger, club season begins with tryouts in early October For 15U & older, club season begins with tryouts in late October/ early November.
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Will I Play the Same Position I play for my School Team?

Typically, Yes....Sometimes, No

We will make every effort to train you in the position you play at school, and most often, at a position you tryout for. However, at times a team’s dynamic requires that we unexpectedly train you at a secondary or new position. You should be willing to play any reasonable position. If a coach forsees you at a different position that that which you tried out for, you will be made aware of these intentions prior to commitment night whenever possible. Your position is not guaranteed, only your place offered on the team.

What is Lanier's Playing Time POlicy?

Equal Practice Time, "Fair" Playing Time

Our club volleyball teams, Lanier Volleyball Club does not guarantee equal playing time at tournaments. Every Lanier Volleyball Club athlete receives equal and ample opportunity to learn, grow and prove themselves in practice. We guarantee “fair” playing time for each player, taking into consideration skill level, attitude, attendance, commitment, position, and performance in practice. The exception to this is on our 11U & 12U teams on which a more balanced playing time approach is used. A complete equality of playing time is not guaranteed due to many factors, but balancing player development and competitiveness is our priority for these age groups.

What Does Lanier's Club Program Cost?

$1350-$1700 + Uniform Package - depending on the age group, level of play, etc.

All club fees cover coaching fees, gym costs, sports performance fitness programing, region registration fees, tournament registration fees, administrative expenses, and more, but do not include any travel expenses (food, transportation, or lodging) associated with tournaments.
We will make every effort to keep costs as low as possible, believe that cost should never be a factor in whether or not an athlete can participate in our program, so please contact us if you have concerns – we would love to work with you! As a 501c3 Not for Profit Organization, we have a needs based scholarship fund available. For more cost specifics or questions, please contact us.

Where are Club Practices Held?

In the Gainesville, GA Area

Please see our Teams & Facilities tab for practice facility addresses. Practice times and locations will be chosen each season based upon availability, age group, the quantity of teams and the needs of the coaches.
Teams & Facilities

Why Lanier?

Top Training, Top Values

We provide an elite level of training by equipping each team with highly skilled coaches, equipment, programs and every opportunity to succeed. As a club, both the directors and all coaches are united in their philosophies, efforts and training practices so as to create a cohesive club which will serve each girl throughout all levels of competition. Upon joining Lanier Volleyball, all athletes and their parents become part of the family. The family atmosphere combined with elite training and an emphasis on character building truly sets Lanier Volleyball apart from other clubs.
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