Athlete Recruiting Information

This page holds information important to Lanier Athletes navigating the recruiting process.  Items are added to this page occasionally throughout the year.  We are excited to assist you in your pursuit of playing at the next level!

If you are a college coach looking for information on one of our athletes, please visit this page.

 Upcoming & New Information

Lanier Day – 1/12/19 – Recruiting Seminar!

Recruiting Timeline Document (Coming Soon!)

Getting Started Document (Coming Soon!)

Things to Do

  • Check your Athlete Profile on Lanier’s Uncommitted Athlete’s Pages for correct information
  • Keep your University Athlete profile up to date
  • Register with the appropriate Eligibility Center(s)
  • Maintain communication with top schools of interest
  • Educate yourself on the recruiting process (Recruiting Seminar on Lanier Day, 1/12/19)
  • Email or Text (770-361-2422) Mary Beth Peake, Director of Operations, to set up a Recruiting Meeting
  • Send your SAT & ACT scores to the clearing houses:
    All SAT and ACT test scores must be reported to the clearinghouse directly from the testing agency. Test scores will not be accepted if reported on a high school transcript. When registering for these tests, input the NCAA clearinghouse code of 9999 to make sure the score is reported directly to the clearinghouse.  For scores to be sent to the NAIA Clearinghouse, input the code 9876.